rip quizilla, dying by the hands of capitalism. *makes a petition to bulldoze all of viacom’s offices* 😢

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in light of quizilla’s impending doom please read the best edward elric x reader self insert fanfiction known to man before it is lost forever

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i can’t believe quizilla is shutting down… now how am i supposed to find out what anime elemental girl i am or who my yu-gi-oh boyfriend is

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can y’all stop reblogging that tweet with the “i scared the mexican woman in my backyard” because that picture is of a native mexican woman who gave birth on the lawn of the hospital that refused to treat her and tbh that tweet is messed up
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i feel so much sympathy when i see a forgotten usb drive left in a campus computer so i opened it up and got the owner’s email to tell her where she left it. i hope she gets it back. 🙏

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Gary. 35. Harsh Noise. Neofolk. Bdsm. Lolicon. Japanese girls with squids in their mouths

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i just found out my family’s psychologist wants me to take tests to determine if i have autism n im bout to take one of the cognitive tests during my appointment today 🙊

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im screaming bc in my ethics & gender class this white dude was sayin doodoo caca talmbout “immigrants can get ahead if they try hard enough! my family helped an immigrant by giving him lots of money!” and two gorls who are immigrants got him rite together. white ppl so reckless. he knew there were mexican immigrants in the room wit his goofy ass who was gon scalp him. 🙈

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Native American Women Expose Brutal Life of Prostitution ➜


Prostitution is not only good for patriarchy and capitalism, but for colonialism and white supremacy as well.

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Ya’ll ever see a white passing person reblog your post with the N word in it and you cant tell whether they’re black or not so you just let it go because you’re tired.

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